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How to remain healthy?

Almost everyone can relate to a situation when sincerely smiling, and positive about life a person is greeted. The positive impact it has on our mood also it inevitably has a beneficial effect on our mental state and our body.
We have come to live in difficult times, despite advances in the medical field, many of us have health problems.

The number of people getting sick grows because we live in a far less friendly environment: contaminated reservoirs, polluted air, smoke, toxins, and waste. Add to that the incredible pace of life and the stress involved. These are called environmental factors that we usually do not have any control over.
Certainly, at least for the time being, we have no influence on our genetic determinants, which also affects our health.
It points out that pharmacists, health fund staff, and even doctors do not have a decisive influence on the health of modern men. We have the greatest impact on ourselves, that is our way of life, our diet, and physical activity.

Obesity problems

These days people eat too often processed food rich in fats and carbohydrates and also contain a low level of nutrients. Healthy foods are now much harder to achieve than even a few decades ago. In addition, there is alcohol abuse, smoking (burning a cigarette can destroy about 100 mg of vitamin C), drug use, unhealthy contraception, substance abuse.
Many people lack physical activities and have a sitting lifestyle. Millions of overweight people commit dietary errors, but they also forget about physical activity. It is a consumeristic approach to life, this sedentary, inactive lifestyle beyond obesity causes many people health problems.
The obesity has already spread throughout the world and number of people unhappy with their looks is increasing.
The United States may be a very good example here. Nearly 40% of adults are obese and nearly 8% extremely obese.

There are also people who try to fight obesity, buy more and more new miraculous products, hoping for a rapid weight loss.
A healthy life is a lack of disease, it brings the body to homeostasis.
Homeostasis is the process of controlling the body’s inner balance, both physical and mental.
The most important systems that regulate our homeostasis are those nervous, hormonal and immune systems. These systems collaborate with other systems and organs in our body. This synchronized operation of all systems and organs allows relatively stable physiological parameters in our body, such as electrolyte content, fluid levels, body temperature, oxygen content, blood glucose (energy), blood pressure and hormone content.
Unfortunately, our body is constantly exposed to the devastating action of external factors that try to interfere with the condition of the body’s balance. External factors that interfere with homeostasis include polluted environment, highly processed foods, low physical activity or lack of it, use of stimulants, as well as stress and sleep deprivation.
Luckily, there are mechanisms in the human body that counter these disturbances. They allow the body to adapt to changing environmental conditions. However, damage to these mechanisms (physiological regulators) leads to disease development, seriously weakens our immune system and may even lead to death.

How to start living healthier?

To enjoy a healthy life, we must eliminate the damaging effects of these external factors on our organism as much as possible.
The prescription for health is simple: You must be physically active, try to relieve stress, apply a balanced and healthy diet.
Some healthy food products can protect us from many diseases and even cure existing diseases. Here are a couple examples of foods and their beneficial influence.

 Beta-carotene contained in carrot contributes to the treatment of cancer and can protect the heart.


Radishes are especially recommended for people suffering from rheumatism, kidneys, and dieting.


Due to the content of lycopene, tomatoes eaters significantly reduce the risk of cancer, especially in the cervix, bladder, and pancreas.


Horseradish seems like an antibiotic thanks to the essential oils contained in it.


Potatoes are a natural way to treat the gastric ulcer, hypertension, and arthritis as well as a natural treatment of kidney stones.


Green tea protects us against lung and skin cancer.


Eating garlic helps to break the pressure, improve the cholesterol profile of the blood and fight the infection.


Cranberries are antibacterial, antiviral, antibiotic, antipyretic, potentiating and diaphoretic.


Beetroot seems primarily deacidifying. It is the best in cleansing and normalization of blood parameters.


Rhubarb is rich in calcium, which is important in the prevention of menopausal osteoporosis.


Black currants are an effective antipyretic and appetite stimulant. They also have a diuretic effect.


Lettuce has painkillers and anesthetic properties and also helps treat bronchitis and asthma.




All natural methods of disease prevention and treatment we take into consideration should have scientific bases.

The Coconut Oil Secret

If there are not enough healthy foods in your daily diet, you should support your diet with natural supplements. In case of being overweight, it is important to choose the right diet. Diet for slimming should be personalized and ideally consulted with a dietician.

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