Alkaline Water

Alkaline water and its benefits

Alkaline water is drinking water, which stands out against other mineral waters with high pH.
Chemically pure water has a pH close to 7, that is, a neutral solution. Water, whose pH is lower than 7, is an acidic solution. However, mineral water with a pH greater than 7 is an alkaline solution. Hence the name of alkaline water.

pH (or hydrogen potential) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the solution and is in the range of 0-14. This scale allows determining whether we are dealing with an acidic, neutral or alkaline solution. It is assumed that alkaline water is water whose pH is higher than 7.2.
Probably many of us are convinced that we drink good water. We spend a lot of money on bottled water, thus avoiding drinking tap water. For some, water is water – all the same, others will say that they prefer to drink something else because the water has no taste. Therefore, let us once again remember the impact of drinking water on our body. And let this information become for many a form of learning and a reason to think about it!

Water is the foundation of our lives. A huge amount of it, 75% is our body. Water is the basis of all fluids in the body: blood, lymph, digestive juices. It is necessary for the transport and absorption of food while eliminating metabolic products. It regulates the temperature of our body, is responsible for the functioning of our joints and is important for moisturizing tissues. In short, water is the basis of our functioning. Each system in our body, every cell, and we have 75 trillion, needs the right amount and structure of water. So what water should we drink?
Water molecules as molecules merge. The molecules connected together are called clusters. In tap water or bottled water purchased, the cluster consists of 12-20 molecules and its structure does not allow its free and direct absorption by the cells. However, the process of ionization (electrolysis, fission) of water causes that the cluster becomes hexagonal, that is, it consists of only 6 molecules.

What does it mean?
Water can more easily pass to the cells, and the rate and hydration capacity of the body increases up to six times. Consequently, the efficiency of cells’ work in terms of metabolism is better, the easiness of getting rid of toxins from the body.

The ionization process generates antioxidants (a huge environment of OH – negative ions), which eliminates the development of free radicals in the body.
We live in fashion for antioxidants. We buy products that are “filled” with antioxidants.

Many of us do not really know why we need them. Not to mention where they come from. What’s worse, we do not know we can be sure that they really are in these products. When writing about the effect of antioxidants, it is worth noting how important they are to our health. Researchers have proven that inhibiting and destroying the development of free radicals, allows to avoid diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure), allergies. All these diseases and many others develop in the acidic environment of our body. ONLY thanks to the ionizer, from which in the process of electrolysis (water splitting) we can obtain highly alkaline water, very rich in antioxidants, we can avoid the appearance of these diseases in our body.
During this process, also the alkaline water mentioned above is formed, where the pH is 7-14 and acidic water (which is also of significant use in industry or for our health), its pH is 0-7. We have moved a very important health aspect here. Many of us will probably be surprised that drinking water with a certain pH can have any significance for the body, especially when it comes to maintaining optimal health balance in our body.

We want to briefly bring its properties and action to our bodies, which are increasingly acidified by the products we eat.
One of the methods eliminating acidification of the human body is the use of alkaline water, which is obtained by ionizing industrial drinking water. This produces alkaline water containing alkaline minerals. The aging process and cell decomposition are caused by the accumulation of acidic food waste – free oxygen radicals that take electrons away from the healthy cells of the internal human organs, causing them to fail and cause disease. Free oxygen radicals create drinks and foods, and our body can not get rid of them. To eliminate acidification and restore proper functioning of our body, pharmacology praises various antioxidants, which in most cases leave serious side effects. And yet there are other tried and tested ways that eliminate acidification of the body in a natural way. One of them is alkaline water.

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ALKALINE WATER is charged with free electrons that make it a natural antioxidant. This water, easily giving away its electrons, eliminates harmful oxygen free radicals, which will not be able to “rob” from the electrons of healthy cells, which will allow the human body to be healthy.

Drinking alkaline water blocks the interaction of active oxygen with normal cells, ensuring that these intact biological molecules are less susceptible to infection and disease. The reduction of active, harmful oxygen takes place without any loss for the surrounding cells. This water is commonly known as “sweeping water”.
Alkaline water also inhibits digestion in the digestive system, indirectly reducing substances such as hydrogen sulfate, ammonia, histamine. As a result, after a short period of regular drinking of this water, a more clean stool is obtained.
Scientific research conducted in Japan since 1950 and experimental studies show that drinking alkaline water improves health, including in the case of diseases such as:

  • – arthritis
  • – heartburn
  • – chronic fatigue
  • – indigestion
  • – cramps
  • – high blood pressure
  • – a migraine
  • – nausea
  • – obesity

The conclusions that arise after getting acquainted with different methods of treatment with ionized water can make an impression more or less reliable. However, accepting the theory of free radicals with a positive potential (H +), which according to many authors, scientists of various specialties and biochemists are the source of all diseases and ailments, it is logical that eliminating free radicals with alkaline water is the right way.
Rightly because the process of getting rid of free radicals takes place in a natural way, without “littering” our internal organs, without the side effects that leave in our organisms the interference of pharmacology – its effects are often irreversible.
“It is important – wrote Sang Y. Whang in his brochure – reversing the aging process, to remember that all foods – healthy, unhealthy, expensive, cheap, tasty, unpalatable – produce acid waste, which our body has to get rid of. Fortunately, you do not have to remember any chemical rules. Drinking 1 liter of alkaline water every day for 60 pounds of body weight, it gradually reduces the body’s acidity and helps it to expel the acidic waste produced by it every day.
We live while learning new methods that help us reverse the aging process, enabling a long and healthy life. Like the aging process, and its inversion, it is a very slow process. That is why it is so important to understand it because it can be stopped only by eliminating the causes, and the cause is only one – the accumulation of waste acid products in the body. ”

5 main benefits of alkaline water

Natural antioxidant
In the human body, they arise naturally in the processes of metabolic reactions. Free radicals have a high, positive oxidation potential that expresses their ability to take and attach missing electrons from neighboring molecules. Therefore, they are active and aggressive and are always looking for substances that can receive the missing electron. Antioxidants are supposed to give away electrons to free radicals, thus protecting the health of cells from their negative effects. Ionized alkaline water is a natural antioxidant. It contains a lot of free electrons that can be donated to free radicals. In this way, favorable conditions for cell regeneration arise – all this radically slows down the physiological aging process. The antioxidant action of alkaline water also helps strengthen the body’s immune system.

Alkalization of the organism

Good health is strongly related to the acid-alkaline balance. Unfortunately, but an inadequate diet, chronic stress and environmental pollution favor the formation of excess acidic metabolic waste, which the body is unable to completely get rid of. At the moment when the internal environment of the body becomes acidified, the risk of getting sick increases. Alkaline water contains, among others negative ions and alkali metal ions – calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, which are needed to neutralize acidic residues. Absorbed metal ions play an important role in the alkalization of the body. Daily drinking of alkaline water stops the acidification of the body, normalizes the pH level of the blood and maintains the required content of alkaline buffers, which reduces the amount of accumulated pollution.

Watering the cells

One of the causes of diseases is chronic water deficiency in cells. It is essential for cells and constitutes about 70-80% of their mass. In addition, it is responsible for their volume or flexibility. The human body is extremely sensitive to water shortages. About its deficiency and increasing acidity because of this, the human body signals through various types of symptoms – headaches, joints, backaches, heart, and heartburn. Irrigating with alkaline water, the cells of the body are supplied with water that best suits their needs, the pH ensures optimal conditions for metabolism. Ionized water easily passes through cell membranes and effectively saturates them with water.

Provides more oxygen

alkaline_water-charter-kangen-water4Metabolic processes are strongly dependent on whether the environment in which they occur is sufficiently saturated with oxygen. In a situation where it is deficient, the carbohydrates do not break down completely and the fermentation process begins. The result is the formation of an acidic environment, and this fact, among others contributes to the development of cancer. Reaching for alkaline water, we ensure that our blood is constantly supplied with oxygen. In addition, a high blood pH value increases the ability to remove acid residues.

Reduces surface tension

The surface tension that indicates the density of blood is 43-45 dyn / cm2, while the tap water much more – 73 dyn / cm2. In order for nutrients to pass through the cell membrane and remove toxic compounds from the body, the human body must use energy to reduce the surface tension of the water. This ability decreases with the passage of time and there are difficulties in removing toxic compounds. The surface tension of alkaline water is similar to the surface tension of blood. Ionized water has properties that cleanse the body of acidic impurities and toxins, which then the body removes along with the urine. 90% blood is water, hence providing a sufficient amount of alkaline water causes the blood to become less dense.

3 easy ways to make alkaline water at home

Method number 1
The first way to obtain alkaline water involves the use of two containers. One of them must be filled with water and then pour the same water into the second container from a great height. When the waterfalls, it creates air bubbles. If we repeat the process eight or more times, we will be able to achieve an adequate level of alkaline water. The water we use will have a pH level of about 7.2, and the method we propose will allow it to be raised by about 0.5. Although it may not be a lot, it will certainly be beneficial to our body.
Method number 2
The second method to get alkaline water in home conditions is to boil water for about 5 minutes. After this time, the pH level will increase from 7.2 to approximately 8.4. It effectively basifies our body. Some say that you should drink it warm, but the truth is that after cooling it does not lose its alkalinity.
Method number 3
The next home method that we can use to create alkaline water is to add half a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water. This will change the pH of the water from 7.2 to 7.9.

Other ways to make alkaline water

Water alkaline sachets

Alkalizing sachets are a quick way to get alkaline water. They are small, easy to transfer, you can take them to work, school and use at any time. They convert tap water or a low degree of mineralization into the water with a much higher degree of mineralization. The agent inside the sachet is natural, comes from deep-sea coral from Japan. The powder should be added to 1.5 liters of water and wait about 15 minutes. The substance is rich in easily digestible minerals.

Water alkaline sachets

Bottled alkaline water is available on the market. Bottled water quickly loses its health properties, so it cannot be stored for a long time. Its price is significantly higher than the average mineral waters available in stores.

Alkaline water generator

The alkaline water generator should be placed inside a water bottle. It will start working after about 30 minutes. It is possible to use in bottles with a capacity of 0.5 to 1.5 liters. You can use the device for 6 to 10 months. The cartridges in the device are interchangeable. The generator should be regularly descaled. During the operation of the generator, the hydrolysis process is used.

Water alkalizing jug

These are jugs similar to standard filter jugs that do not use electrolysis. To work, you need a piece through which water must pass. The jug is based on three stages of filtration. The first one is the treatment of water using activated carbon, which improves the taste and smell of water, removes impurities from it. The second stage is alkalization, during which the pH of the water is raised, and the liquid itself is additionally enriched with minerals. The third stage is antioxidants. Water is enriched with negative hydrogen ions. With a total capacity of 3.2 liters, only 1.8 liters of water can be used. According to the manufacturer’s information, the filter should be enough to filter 150 liters of water at its average quality.

Portable water ionizer

One of the most popular ways to get alkaline water is to use a portable water ionizer, which looks like a jug. Its handling is very simple, and it is itself capable of producing up to 3 liters of living water. The electrolysis process is used for the operation. Ionizer contains anode and cathode. After connecting to the power supply and starting the device, the particles are separated. The alkaline and acidic water are formed. When purchasing an ionizer of this type, manufacturers recommend assembly of the nanofiltration system, which is intended to protect the ionizer against failures caused by high water hardness.
Remember that for water to be alkaline, its pH should exceed 7.3. From this level, the higher the pH, the more alkaline water will be. Remember, however, about maintaining moderation.

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