Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders, SPECIAL REPORT

SPECIAL REPORT: Meet the Natural Health Activists Disrupting the $1 TRILLION Pharmaceutical Industry

Staff Reporter Sarah Maybury investigates the work of The American Health Collective, a firebrand organization of doctors and natural health experts providing natural cures to America’s biggest diseases. Is this the end of Big Pharma as we know it?

“The truth about what?” I ask.

“That practically every disease has a nature cure. I’m talking about cheap, readily-available ingredients that have been proven to kill cancer cells, reverse type 2 diabetes, restore brain function, prevent heart disease, and a whole lot more.

But the Government and the Pharmaceutical lobbies won’t allow us to give these natural remedies to the America people, because they’re making billions of dollars selling drugs that don’t, won’t and never will cure people of these diseases. It’s the most corrupt business model of all time, and it’s killing millions of innocent Americans every year.”

I’m sitting in a beautiful glass-ceiling building in downtown Los Angeles, the headquarters of The American Health Collective, a firebrand organization of doctors and natural health experts disrupting the $1 trillion pharmaceutical industry.

“We’re crusaders”, Hammond says. “Someone has to stand up to Corporate America and its government-backed pharmaceutical killing machine.”

“So how are you planning to do this?” I ask.

“We’re going to give them the cures”, he replies, smiling.

“We’re going to put these natural treatments straight into their hands, so they won’t need drugs ever again.

Hammond then hands me something.

It’s THIS 230-page book.

“What is this?” I ask, intrigued.

“Natural cures to practically every modern day disease – all of them clinically proven to work”, he says, excitedly.

“This is going to put a spanner in their corrupt profit machine, and change the lives of millions of Americans.”

As I flick through the book, I can’t help but agree with him.

Want to restore your health and vitality, and protect yourself from America’s biggest killers?

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